Easy-Come-Easy-Go Rider

Earlier this month, I sold my motorcycle. That’s a big deal for a guy who grew up, almost literally, on the back of his dad’s 1973 BMW R90S. It was a sweet-bitter moment (since it was more sweet than bitter) handing over those keys, but it felt really great to do something that­ had such a profound effect on my finances, goals and life in one fell swoop.

Financial: The first layer is easy. Since I owned it outright, selling the bike put a few grand into the budget for house projects and our mortgage-payoff scheme (more on that in the 3-Year House-iversary article next month!).

Goals: Selling the bike was just another part of our ever-churning simplification process. It’s one less machine to maintain and feed; one less registration and insurance policy to pay for; and one less vehicle to keep clean, store, and worry about. All of which ticks up our overall Peace rating.

Life: Finally, and most importantly, it was the right time to let it go. Things are shifting, priorities changing, and a motorcycle represented too much risk for what is – at the end of the day – a toy (a very cool and kickass toy, but a toy nonetheless). And I surprised myself with how at peace I was with it. But maybe it’s not so surprising; my motorcycle served its purpose. I got in some great rides and memories, especially with my dad, which was a huge part of buying it when I did. He’s been riding for 40 years, and it was always a dream to have my own bike and go on long, sweeping rides together through the northeast, and it’s been incredible. A surprise benefit was when my friend Tim got interested, learned to ride and got a bike, and joined us. Even my initially recalcitrant wife, Courtney learned to love riding (tho she’ll admit, the new wardrobe was a big draw for her). Bottom line, I’m content with my time having the motorcycle.

Contentment is a big part of enjoying your life and the people and experiences that make it truly rich. It’s been said that, once above the subsistence level, the only difference between poverty and abundance is one’s level of gratitude. Enjoy the NOW, my friends; it’s all a beautiful ride!



About dreamingthepossible

What began as individual hopes and dreams has rapidly become a radical dream of our own as we start our almost married life together. Follow us as we make some big changes in our lives to spend less money, produce less waste, nurse our planet back to health, and even attempt to pay our brand new mortgage in 5 years or less.
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