My Frugal Valentine (Birthday)

My birthday falls upon Valentine’s Day every year, and this year was my 30th to boot!  I could’ve demanded a fancy over-the-top day of being showered with gifts, chocolates, flowers, and more, but you know me…I chose another route.  Andrew had already given me tickets to see Passion Pit Monday night (amazing!) and another major gift, so I made it my mission to find fun and frugal things to do yesterday.

We began our day (at 7am) with a mouth watering breakfast at Perreca’s in Little Italy of Schenectady.  I had french toast with their homemade italian bread and a side of home fries.  No, this was not too many carbs.  BIRTHDAY FREEBIE #1: FREE breakfast with my license as proof of my!


Thank you for my incredible FREE breakfast, Perreca’s!

After moving into our house almost 3 YEARS AGO, we received a coupon in the mail for a FREE bouquet of 1 dozen roses from Felthousen’s Florist.  Andrew got this gorgeous bouquet for FREE people!  BIRTHDAY FREEBIE #2: 1 dozen roses!


A FREE flower is somehow more fragrant =)

After lunch at our favorite pizza place, Home Style Pizza, we booked it to the Regal theater to see “Warm Bodies”, the perfect V-Day movie for us.  A love story combined with zombies…who wouldn’t find this romantic?  BIRTHDAY FREEBIE #3: Got my movie ticket fo-FREE with a special Birthday Free Admission Regal Cinema pass from our Entertainment Book.  Hollah!


Thanks for my FREE movie, Regal Cinema!

Not only was my movie ticket FREE, but by using my Regal Crown Club card, we also got a FREE small soda: BIRTHDAY FREEBIE #4, plus a $2 OFF Popcorn coupon from the Entertainment Book.  We shared a small soda and small popcorn (plenty for the two of us) for only $4!


Hollah 4 dollah!

I don’t enjoy going out to dinner on my birthday because there’s always a huge Valentine dinner crowd out.  I don’t like crowds.  So, to do something nice for Andrew (because it’s not just my birthday), I attempted to make homemade heart shaped ravioli.  They came out pretty well, but next time I’d fill them with more cheese.  I was hesitant, as this was my first time making my own pasta (aside from gnocchi), and I didn’t want them to explode.  But…success!


Before sauce


After sauce

After a delicious homemade dinner (if I do say so myself), we hung out for a bit.  We met up with my parents after dinner so I could pick out a Fossil watch for my birthday.  It was at the mall that I got to partake in my final freebie of the day.

BIRTHDAY FREEBIE #5: FREE drink from Starbucks.  When the girl at the counter asked me what I wanted (because apparently you can have ANY free drink you want on your…remember this), I said a mint green tea.  She looked at me land said, “You want a tea…for free…on your birthday?”  When she asked me what size, I started to say medium, and she interrupted me to tell me I wanted a large.  I’ll definitely get a fancier drink next year.


My free tea was awesome. I regret nothing.

There were many other things I could’ve had for FREE on my Valentine Birthday, but you have to sign up for them ahead of time.  I will remember this for next year.  We really got a kick out of seeing how much I could get.  It was an awesome day.  And it pleases me, and besides, Dave Ramsey would be proud.  ~ Courtney


About dreamingthepossible

What began as individual hopes and dreams has rapidly become a radical dream of our own as we start our almost married life together. Follow us as we make some big changes in our lives to spend less money, produce less waste, nurse our planet back to health, and even attempt to pay our brand new mortgage in 5 years or less.
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One Response to My Frugal Valentine (Birthday)

  1. jonathanochart says:

    A free breakfast, flowers…drink and more? Sounds like the right way to go! Thanks for sharing, and happy belated birthday!

    – Jonathan I

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