Feeling Patriotic

It’s been a busy vacation week for me, but I finally decided to slow down a little bit today. I was sifting through my fabrics and was inspired when I found this fun red and white striped canvas material, given to me by a family friend from their gorgeous, old farmhouse.

Funky Farmhouse Fabric

Perfect for an Independence Day project, right?  Because there wasn’t a large volume of this fabric (as most of you know, I only use repurposed and salvaged materials in my GOOT business), I had to think small.  So, I decided to make 2 decorative accent pillows of different sizes, perfect for your patio!


Independence Tree

I came up with the idea to make a tree first (called the Independence Tree) and started cutting out different shapes with card stock to make my pattern.   I took this great fabric and some scraps from a pair of denim jeans I used for another project and just started cutting.  And guess what?  Even the stuffing in these pillows was reused!



Freedom Flower

I wasn’t left with much canvas fabric after that, so I made a longer, smaller pillow with an appliqued Freedom Flower.

These looke so cute on my patio and would be very festive for a BBQ on the 4th.  Check out my “Red, White & Blue Jeans Decorative Pillows” in my GOOT shop and see the many other ways I’ve used repurposed materials to create things for you and your home!

Red, White & Blue Jeans Decorative Pillows


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